About us

Fresh Ways s.r.l

Over the years, the number of our employees has grown significantly (*up to 42 persons), encouraging the development of a solid corporate structure. This constant growth has allowed Fresh Ways to position itself on the market as a consolidated company in SMEs and international controlled temperature transport fields.

Nowadays, Fresh Ways has tripled its initial turnover. The number of customers has made it a direct competitor of multinationals in international refrigerated transport at a European level.
The increasingly challenging objectives, the vision of the whole team and the daily commitment to the search for the satisfaction of its customers daily feed Fresh Ways.

This growth is encouraged by a series of investments aimed at consolidating a company that does not want to stop, such as:
  1. the creation of a new headquarter in Burago di Molgora conceived for a much higher number of operators;
  2. Digital Innovation with the creation of a Web-based tool that allows all the players involved in the supply chain to better manage their shipments, despite the fragmentation of orders;
  3. the choice of Partners chosen by geographical area throughout Europe, to better manage the products that require controlled temperatures (+ 4 °; -20 °) and to offer a wide range of customised services for minimising any possible critical issues. Fresh Ways operates to help all the companies with which it collaborates to continue their corporate growth.
Fresh Ways is a constantly growing reality characterized by the right humility and team spirit that allow it to see every goal as achievable.

Our Team

Our team is one of our strengths: a young and motivated group that knows several foreign languages and is always available to find and provide a solution to all the needs for your refrigerated shipments.
We constantly encourage our staff by providing our collaborators with training to guide them to meet the different needs of our customers and the market