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Get your copies of the signed CMRs autonomously 

The CMR / PODs are available online only after the vehicle that carried out the transport has returned to our office or our correspondent's. At least three weeks should elapse from the shipment departure date.

Here is the procedure to follow:
Write to and get your username and password;
follow the link and fill the required fields.

    A. The search can be carried out using a series of parameters, including:

The reference date shall be when Fresh Ways enters the shipment in its system (*1 or 2 days before the departure of the goods from our warehouse).
The shipping number is on the invoices: a unique code that allows you to identify your shipment.

    B. Once the criterion has been selected, the screen indicating the list of shipments relating to the criteria previously selected will be shown.
By clicking on the magnifying glass you will get more information about your shipment.
By clicking on the pdf symbol you get a copy of the CMR / POD relating to your shipment.

If the POD is not available, you will still find the shipping string, but the pdf icon will be missing.
In case of further support, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address. Our contact person is Micaela Ventura:

PH: +39 039/63589218