Fresh Ways - Verona

Given the significant growth that Fresh Ways has had recently, we are reorganizing the activities and spaces for products management.
We are glad to inform you that we will be up and running with a new branch in Verona from the end of July. The new headquarters is located at the Fruit and Vegetable Market, in a strategic position within the Quadrante Europa, which is the largest national logistical and structural investment pole, located close to the Modena - Brenner and Milan - Venice motorways, of the Airport Valerio Catullo and the railway terminal.

From our Verona headquarters, we will manage the iniatial phase of all fresh (+ 4 ° C) and Ambient goods destined for Germany and Austria.
The decision to locate the headquarters in a strategic position aims to exploit the Brenner corridor, an optimal connection for road freight traffic and help improve our level of service.

By increasing our presence in the area, we will get closer to our customers, and the destination points to offer a competitive service through the gradual increase of weekly departures and the reduction of delivery times.

What does this mean for our customers?
All goods destined for Germany and Austria (*temperature + 4 ° C and Ambient), need to be brought to the new facility in Verona.
Goods destined to other countries must be delivered to our office in Burago di Molgora.
All customers who have access to our system (FreshWebOrder) will have a timely indication during the order entry phase of the branch in which to bring the goods.

In cases where it is Fresh Ways to follow the collection on the national territory, we will implement all the operational solutions to ensure compliance with transit times and departures for Germany and Austria from the new Veron headwìquarters.

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