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We offer a complete response to all your logistics and transport needs, covering every step from start to finish.

Our integrated transport and logistics service provides a holistic solution, managing the entire lifecycle of your freight from inception to final delivery. We handle your goods with precision, manage them efficiently, ensure accurate inventory control and prepare them for shipment.

We take care of logistics, customs documentation and transport, ensuring that your freight arrives safely and on time.


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Integrated logistics

We offer a complete logistics service, from order picking and stock management through to dispatch. With ample storage space available at three temperature levels: frozen, chilled and ambient.

Our service is highly flexible and customisable to meet your specific requirements. With a strong presence throughout Italy, we ensure integrated and efficient logistics.

We simplify your supply chain management by providing high quality logistics services.

Our Italian Network

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At Fresh Ways, we've established a strong presence throughout Italy to provide seamless and efficient logistics services. From the bustling cities of the north to the picturesque countryside of the south, our extensive network ensures that we can meet your logistics needs wherever you are.

Our strategically located facilities, equipped to handle different temperature requirements, allow us to offer tailored solutions. Whether your goods require chilled, frozen or ambient storage, our Italian network has you covered.

Our team's local expertise and commitment to quality service makes us your trusted partner for logistics in Italy.

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Integrated logistics management

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Streamlined Customs Management

Our Customs Management solution is an all-inclusive service designed to simplify your shipments. We take the burden of paperwork off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your business.

With our extensive experience, we provide global support for international shipments, ensuring a smooth, transparent and internationally compliant customs process.

We facilitate logistics, making your transport efficient and straightforward.


Meeting all your transport needs.

From collection to delivery

Our transport network covers the entirety of Italy, from north to south, serving both large and small regions, enabling us to offer bespoke collection services at your convenience.

We have the capability to manage shipments throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom, ensuring widespread coverage and transport solutions tailored to your needs. These are made possible by our network of accredited partners and our UK hub.

We offer a customised and dependable service that is carefully tailored to meet your specific needs.